“We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.”


Wonder Woman

I had a date with a Wonder Woman today. I refer, of course, to my beautiful wife, but we also checked the boys in to Nana Day Care and had a husband and wife date to see the movie Wonder Woman.  It was ace because it featured actual hot drinks that were drunk while they were hot, snacks that no one nicked off us and sitting down for more than ten minutes before someone needed a drink/the toilet/a toy finding/misc.

But what of the film, you cry? Or not, I don’t know.

Well. I have been a fan of Wonder Woman since I was a child (my feelings for Lynda Carter became less and less pure* as I got older, I’m slightly ashamed to say) and so I have been looking forward to a Wonder Woman movie for a long time. I was heartened by the fact that Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was a bright spot in the overlong, over serious and terribly confusing (in so many ways) Batman Vs. Superman. A whole movie, however? Would I enjoy that?

Yes, is the answer. Yes, very much. 

Gal Gadot is perfectly cast as WW. Exotic, athletic and yet possessing of a mixture of wide-eyed naiveté and compassionate strength, goodness radiates out of her. The film in general is very well and interestingly cast. Chris Pine is playing the sort of character he can play in his sleep, but still he does it with wit and charm and provides comedy and heroism without stepping on Gal’s toes. Robin Wright is fantastic and gloriously tough and steals much of the beginning of the film. Wonder Woman’s sidekicks are a diverse and interesting bunch, and Lucy Davis as Etta Candy creates a lot of fun in her scenes. More Lucy Davis, please.

The story is rather generic but the performances and the settings help to make the film feel original. The villains are a touch underwritten and bland but the actors do their best to make them more interesting and for the most part succeed. The scenes set in the trenches and towns of Belgium are fantastic and the movie really shines here. The action sequence set in No Man’s Land (featured heavily in the trailers) is a fantastic highlight of the film. The attention to detail is very good (speaking as someone with a very strong interest in The Great War) and I spotted very few errors in the historical sections (apart a sound effect of a trouser zipper which made me grit my teeth slightly). Really, given WW’s PG13/12A rating the war scenes were about as hard-hitting as they could be given the restrictions of the rating.

The opening of the film is perhaps a touch too long but does serve to introduce the characters well, everything at the end resolves in a satisfying way and there were moments where I felt quite emotional, which is always a good sign. (Although I cried at the end of Dragonheart, so perhaps my emotional state is a bit to delicate to really use as a guide!)

So yes. I loved it. A movie and actress worthy of Wonder Woman, the best DC film since The Dark Knight, a superhero film that managed to avoid a lot of the things that make superhero movies feel a bit samey, and an uplifting, enjoyable experience. Is it a bit cheesy to say it was ‘wonderful’?

I suppose so, yeah. But it was, so there.

*Lynda Carter was one of my three great loves as a boy becoming a man, the other two are Kate Bush (the Babushka video) and Madeline Smith (Up Pompeii). I am actually not ashamed, it turns out. An honourable mention also goes to Janet (Blue Peter and mother of Sophie Ellis-Bextor) Ellis.



So, it’s been a while. Most of this relates to the fact that last year we successfully adopted two little boys. We’re actually coming up to the sixth month anniversary of them moving in!
The six months previous to that were a hotbed of activity too. There were adoption panels, meetings, family finding (a brutal and draining process that pretty much took over our lives for three months) and, once matched, a further approval panel and many, many meetings.

This, unsurprisingly, eats into reading and writing time. Not that I mind! However, my mind has still been burbling, coming up with vague ideas. I’ve been rolling around the notion of another Cogkneys story (Cogkneys in Space?). I’d love to do a deluxe collected edition of the Ribald For Your Pleasure books, possibly fully illustrated by me. (With the Cogkneys stories added? I’ve not decided.) That might be something I do as a Kickstarter in the future. I’ve also been considering a podcast set in a whole new world, the world of Grimmswich. I have started scripting that, with assistance from Andrea. Trying to decide if I will do it solo or bring in other people. I’d really like to start reviewing things again too, just to re-sharpen both my writing skills and my critical faculties.

Hopefully, then more writing will happen in the future. Mind you, I’ve said that before!

Ribald for your Pleasure.

So… There will be a NEW Ribald For Your Pleasure – the third in the series. Aiming to have it out in 2016…

Here’s a mock up of what the cover may well look like…


New book! Welcome to the world, Trilogy of Terror…

I have produced a new(ish) book for your delectation! Over the last couple of years I’ve produced three comedy horror chapbooks featuring the fictionalized versions of my performance alter-ego Arthur Foot III.

The first was Cogkneys vs Zombies, and featured Arthur and his delightful performance partner Tilly Maydme fighting zombies in an uprising of the undead in old London town.

The second was The Shadow Over Camber Sands, inspired by the works of Lovecraft (specifically The Shadow Over Innsmouth, as if the title wasn’t a giveaway).

The third (and final, so far) is Curse of the Wamphyr, set in Whitby and heavily inspired by Stoker and Le Fanu.

Now all three little books are bound together in a rather lovely looking (if I do say so myself) pocket paperback.

It’s available from amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Cogkneys-Trilogy-Karl-Burnett/dp/1291867538

also lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/karl-burnett/the-cogkneys-trilogy-of-terror/paperback/product-21623363.html

It’s on Goodreads too: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22467837-the-cogkneys-in-trilogy-of-terror

and here’s the cover-



My Books!

Actual physical books what I have written (or written part of) actually available. To buy. 

Ribald For Your Pleasure

Cogkneys vs Zombies

The Shadow Over Camber Sands

Tales From The Asylum

Ebooks available on Kindle

Cogkneys vs Zombies


The Shadow Over Camber Sands


Kindle Cogkneys!

Aha! You’ll be thrilled to know that The Shadow Over Camber Sands has been made available to purchase via Kindle!

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Shadow-Camber-Sands-Cogkneys-ebook/dp/B00C4RK8OU/

US: http://www.amazon.com/Shadow-Camber-Sands-Cogkneys-ebook/dp/B00C4RK8OU

Amazon in other countries – just do a search for ‘Cogkneys’.

The Shadow Over Camber Sands

This weekend, I’ll be launching the second Cogkneys Chapbook – The Shadow Over Camber Sands. A Lovecraftian Comedy starring Britain’s best loved Music Hall/Comedy/Poetry Duo, Arthur Foot III and Tilly Maydme. Only £1.00!

It’ll also be available on Kindle at some point in the near future…

TSOCS cover image